About Us

Amber Fuel's mission is to improve the quality of life of our customers by making their experience at the fuel pump quicker, less stressful and more secure at zero incremental cost. Bringing a culture of transparency, optimisation & efficiency via digitisation of fuel payments, our mission is to add genuine value to the lives of customers, service providers and the society at large.


A subsidiary of Jamaican technology conglomerate the Amber Group LTD, Amber Fuels is an extremely promising technology company that offers a unique and powerful digitized re-fuelling payment solution that is revolutionizing the fuel industry. Like it’s sister companies, Amber Connect Limited, a leader in vehicle telematics and the connected vehicle tracking ecosystem, and Kuya Technologies Limited a software business process outsourcing service specializing in data warehousing and analytics, Amber Fuels promises another innovative verticle within the portfolio of Amber Group Limited.

Amber Fuels works with the latest Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) technology


Amber Fuels works with the latest Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) technology and secure banking transaction platforms interfaced through an engaging mobile consumer application. Much faster than traditional card reading machines, Amber Fuels' mobile application is user-friendly, time saving, and designed to make your life a lot more convenient. You need not carry cash or your debit/credit card or worry anymore about having forgotten your ID at home!


In line with group Founder & CEO Dushyant Savadia’s vision of giving back to the society, Amber Fuels like it’s parent company is also committed to contributing to numerous philanthropic and humanitarian projects. Above all, we believe in creating socially responsible software that improves quality of service, ensures conscientious spending, and increases accountability.