Amber Fuels

Changing the way you refuel.

Amber Fuels is a unique & powerful refuelling payment solution that uses the latest Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) technology and secure banking transaction platforms making cashless/cardless payments possible at fuel stations.

Much faster than traditional card reading machines, Amber Fuels’ payment process utilises a user-friendly mobile application designed to make your experience at the fuel pump quicker, less stressful and more secure. You will no longer need to swipe a credit or debit card or show an ID in order to complete your purchases at the gas station. Amber Fuels offers detailed information on your fuel expenditure, gives fuel level alerts and allows you to locate your nearest Amber Fuels enabled gas station. Now enjoy the convenience of automatic invoicing, access your fuel payment history and even avail benefits of highly rewarding loyalty programs!

Getting Started

Download and register on your amber fuels app

Download Amber Fuels App from Google Playstore/iTunes

Create Profile

Get your RFID & scan QR Code

Add Vehicle information

Add Payment Details

Add Multiple Vehicle/Payment Options


Locate Fuel Stations near you

Filter for fuel station with ATM, Wi-Fi, Restaurant, 24/7 etc.

Use the dashboard to track your fuel expenses.

View your transactions history with invoices

Rate your experience at the Fuel Station


Get Points

Using the Amber Fuels application automatically enrols you into the Amber Rewards Program. As an Amber Fuels user, you earn points with every single fuel purchase you make!

Get Rewards

It’s simple! Amber Fuel keeps track of all the fuel purchases that you make through its mobile application and provides for their automatic redemption once you collect your points.


Points are valid forever! As long as you are an Amber Fuels app user you can rack up as many points as you’d like and then use them towards obtaining a meaningful reward like a full tank of fuel, essential lubricants for your engine or tons of snack for your road trip!


A charitable point redemption is also available. You can choose to donate your points to a charity from the choices provided.