LPG Auto

Refuel your vehicle with LPG using our digitised payment solution.

LPG Auto from Amber Fuels is an advanced digital payments solution that lets you pay for Your vehicles LPG from the ease of your mobile.

With the Amber Fuel Card Less/ Cashless payment system you have a seamless way of paying for your LPG ( Liquified Petroleum Gas) auto gas and auto related expenses.
Amber Fuels offer a reliable and very efficient way of offering you a speedy and effortless process each time you pull your car to the filling station and top up with LPG auto gas.
Many countries approve for use of LPG as auto fuel, obviously having environmental and economic advantages.
Also many filling stations offer vehicle repair services and sundry sales for example oil and brake pads which can be paid for using the Amber Fuels RFID system.
Use Amber Fuels system to pay for all these without having to use cash or a credit card.
Fleet owners also have the benefit of accurate records being kept of all purchases and this especially valuable for deferred payments or fleet accounts with filling stations.

Amber Fuels is your number one Auto solution!