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Return on Investment

Join us with minimal investment and reap maximum benefits. No associated risks because all we do is add value to your business.

Customer Experience

Reduced wait times enhances customer experience thereby increasing footfalls. You are empowered to serve more customers, increase retention and boost sales.

Secure Payments

Integration with highly secure banking transaction platforms ensures payment safety for your customers while rugged and tamper proof scanning devices allow inattentive handling by pump attendants.

Employee Performance Evaluation & Motivation

Data analytics provide for evaluating on the job performance of gas station staff, identifying areas that require attention, building an employee rewards system & increasing overall employee efficiency & productivity.

Customer Loyalty

Ensure customer loyalty by leveraging our platform for building your rewards programme. Run effective promotional campaigns using customizable alerts & notifications.

Data Analytics

Derive intelligent insights from powerful analytics to understand your customer better, track sales across gas stations & make informed business decisions.

Near-Zero Pilferage

Tight controls offered via our digital platform ensure near zero pilferage and increase your profits.

Paperless Invoicing

Invoicing in the digital space furthers our commitment to going green and preserving our planet while allowing easy access to invoices to your customers.

Brand Identity

Garner more exposure for your brand through Amber Group’s well established global network.